Ideas For Melodic Bass Lines - Andre Crouch

YouTube Video Script:

hey guys welcome back to the BMG loft today I just want to make a really quick video because =oing an exercise that I like to do and I like to pull music from for me particularly black gospel and artists like Andre Crouch because they create melodic a lot of like horn lines and stuff like that that the whole band play and you know whenever you find that kind of music just study those sections and and learn I'll show you just a quick clip of what I ran across and I was like man this is cool I want to check it out and before you know it you get a repertoire of that stuff and you know it really helps expand your playing and if you wanted to get more melodic it's a great way to get ideas because some of the arrangements of the guys like Andre Crouch or just it's just remarkable and you can learn a lot of incredible content from it so I'm just gonna play a little clip real quick of something that I was just working on myself and just to give you an idea of this let's go hunt down this kind of stuff and just would on it if you're one to get out of just the typical you know one four five six minor just typical route stuff this is a great way to do that you mean pull up the song here right before the rift I'll meet this mics they don't hear a bunch of string slapping [Music] so there that was a little exercise of something I was working on and as you can hear I mean it's just the the lines are really cool and it you start break down those shapes and learn them real slow and then figure out what they were doing in that arrangement over the chord structures and before you know it your repertoire will really expand and it's just it's fun in the process learn those those kind of riffs and stuff or just blast to me anyways so this was just kind of my thought for the day as I was practicing and hopefully you guys got something from it and until next time guys keep it grooving Up next AUTOPLAY

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