My First Impressions of the Dingwall Multi-Scale Bass

Video Script: hey guys welcome back to the BMG loft today and today I want to say Merry Christmas because it's just a couple days away and I wanted to give my initial thoughts on the Dingwall multiscale base because I've always been curious to try one here Rhys especially recently and I had a trade offer come up where one popped up and we ended up trading and I got it and I've played it for I haven't played it much that's why I want to do my initial thoughts on it just because I'm a traditional player I've never played the fan fret system so I just wanted to give a raw initial impression so this is not gonna be some you know I'm gonna talk more than anything so for people that hate talking this is more of a talking video just giving bass players who play traditional basis more of an idea of my initial thoughts on the fan fret system as far as you know how it feels in your physical hands and the really the only testament will do is the whole theory of does it have a more consistent fundamental from string to string with the different tensions from the multi scale and first I'll start with I hate FedEx I don't know if it'll show on video here and I pieced it back together best I could they dropped it and damaged the fire out of it and huge chunks came out and I had to paint some of it and I was able to lose some of the pieces back on and I'm in the middle of a dispute right now because there was insurance on it but I don't like FedEx right now but now for the actual thoughts of the bass build quality and everything is phenomenal it's hard for me to believe that because this is let me say this is a combustion and it's so it's one of I believe this was made and one of his made in China's and then they do all the inspections and final setups in the Canadian shop I mean it's really phenomenal I mean the the the fret work is phenomenal the everything that the hardware is great the preamps great the pickups are great well finish it I've it looks like it's wonderful but other than it getting some to the ground you know the fit I always like a tight neck joint the neck pockets great on this you know the the the actuals the setup how it came and I really didn't adjust anything it was it was really nice hip shot tuners you know it just it doesn't feel like a cheap bass at all everything's very very nice setup very well now for the interesting part to me of these basses is does it how does it function you know how does you know 37 inch scale on the B string seems really long and my first thoughts are it's not much different than playing a 35 inch scale which I have several of because of the way they've designed how you know with the the bridge going this way to get some of the scale length going back that way with the body and also my initial thoughts of playing up and down the neck for me it's easier down here when the frets are going this way some of the stuff up here not it well not when your fingers start to do that kind of stuff sometimes I overshoot the runway it's a little bit different with them going like that for me anyways I've heard people talk about struggling with making chords and stuff I actually find it pretty decent for courting because your fingers kind of go to more of a natural position of how the court you know how your fingers would actually go and another thing too that in which I found interesting was when I watched my my fingering hand I I like basically I had to set up on both pickups in series that's the sound I like most out of those and I like to play between the pickups in the natural motion of my plank it keeps the fingers directly equal between the the pickups so there's some interesting things here that I find very neat as far as it goes with the whole concept of how does it work with your technique so I will this probably the only sound portion we do here I'll play a little bit but we're really going to do the open strings from string to string try to stay as consistent as we can with how much pressure we hit it with and listen to how the fundamental just rings out very consistently from the G all the way down to be mean mute this mic so you don't get room No [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] as you can hear you know up and down the board with the open strings everything it's a very even response to the actual harmonic content of the notes which I find very very interesting and I do believe that the the theory that they've gone with in and the tensions like with a piano and the longer scale links it definitely translates I can't speak on intonation yet I don't know if it has any kind of you know if this is better for intonation or not I don't have enough experience with that yet but the idea behind it I think is fantastic it definitely translates into what they're trying to communicate and the again for like these the the their offshore models the the build quality is phenomenal and again a technique wise it took a few minutes to kind of get a lay of the land but honestly it's not that much different than playing a traditional bass and it's not much longer really honestly it really does feel like most of my thirty five inch scale basis in my hand when I on the lower strings the only issue I've had so far like I talked about earlier was kind of when you're up up this way sometimes those fingers overshoot the runway because I'm still trying to figure that part out again some people say they struggle making chords on this setup I actually don't mind it so if you're interested in trying one of these and you're a traditional player and you think it's just going to be like really way out there whack honestly I haven't had that issue with it yet in a very pleased without sounds the the the B string is just phenomenon the st. the sustain is fantastic I don't know if that's because of the five piece neck or what but it's it's really it's pretty phenomenal here I'll hit this low be here and just some let it ring and this is how will in the video listen to this sustain on this thing [Music] [Music] and we could just keep going the sustain is just fantastic overall very impressed with my first impressions of it and you know the the whole fan fret thing is not as scary or out there of a concept once it's in your hands I'm very pleased with this instrument and I definitely can't wait to try it out on a session so if you're curious guys go go find one and try it I think you'd be surprised it's a I love I just love innovation you know cuz everybody has a P bass in a J bass and I love a good P and a good J but I also love innovation so it's been cool to get one of these in my hands and it sounds phenomenal the feel is really not too far from a traditional field there's still some adjustments I need to make to get completely comfortable with it but honestly it's nowhere near what I thought it would be and I'm very happy that it doesn't feel really much different than like a thirty five inch scale on these lower strings so until next time guys keep it grooving and again Merry Christmas